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"I just wanted to thank you and you father for all your help. I appreciate it and it went very smoothly. We were impressed with you and your company. Again, thank you very much Frank. You can be proud of the job you fellows did for me and my family."

- Leo Kelly, Milltown, NJ


You kept me informed - gave me emotional support with my difficult neighbor. You and your team (sons) were professional, kind, generous and understanding the entire time selling my house.

I know value you as a very dear friend - Thank you!

Gerrie Clearie"

- Geraldine Clearie, East Brunswick, NJ

"A couple years ago I was trying to sell my house with another realty group. I was having some difficulties because circumstances put me in a position where I needed to take the house off the market. I called John Cal Sr. to talk about what my options might be. I had seen his picture on many signs around town and though that he looked friendly. He was very helpful and I vowed that when the time was right to sell my house, that I would use Remax Country.

I was accepted a job in another state and immediately put in a call to John Cal. He happened to be out of town for a few days and I needed to move quickly. I spoke with John Cal Jr. who offered to stand in for his Dad. What I found to be fact was like father, like son.

John Jr. was understanding and attentive to the situation that I was in. He gave me sound advice for pricing my home and available every step of the way to answer questions, make contacts and generally keep me informed. What a great guy!

The house sold the first weekend of showing. I was thrilled! As events unfolded, we were unable to close prior to my leaving town. John was able to recommend an attorney with plenty of experience and a grounds keeper who was reliable to manage the property until the new owners took occupancy. The only thing left to manage was the maintenance of the pool – which John did himself! Every week, he stopped by to run the filter and check the chemical level. What a trooper! Overall, he kept an eye on the house after I had left and even kept an over zealous neighbor at ease.

This type of move coupled with the selling of a home can be a very stressful experience with all of the things that need to happen in a very short period of time. I relied heavily on John where the sale of the house was concerned and never worried about how he managed the details. I would highly recommend him as one of the most upstanding agents who is willing to go that extra mile to satisfy his client.

Thanks again John, it was truly a pleasure working with you!"

- Rachael Hackett, North Brunswick, NJ